Homes for the children in need

Watersprings Ranch

Located in Texarkana, Arkansas, Watersprings Ranch is a Christian based, long-term residential home for children.   The dream of establishing a loving and secure home for children in distress was conceived in 1984, forging the way for the opening of the first Watersprings Ranch home in 1989.   Today, multiple group homes are now in existence and are staffed with quality Christian couples as houseparents who give each child consistent love, discipline and direction.   Eight children are placed in each group home and are assigned various chores and tasks designed to teach responsibility and build self-esteem.   Since our inception, HTBF has been a strong financial supporter of WSR.   In October each year, the children perform during our worship service and a great time of food, fellowship and fun follows.   Besides regular monthly contributions to WSR, every November and December, HTBF gives 100% of several weeks of church offerings WSR.

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